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Former Clippers in the Post-season

Let's take a quick look around the NBA playoffs and see how the former Clippers are doing.  We'll go series by series.

Eastern Conference:

Cleveland versus Detroit - I don't believe there is (or rather was) a single former Clipper playing in this series.  Strictly speaking, former Clipper Lorenzon Wright is on the Cavs roster and has a pretty good shot at winning a ring in June, while another Cav, Jawad Williams, spent time in Clippers training camp in 2006.  But Wright broke his thumb in the final game of the regular season, and neither he nor Williams have been on the active roster yet in the playoffs.  Antonio McDyess of the Pistons was a Clipper draft pick back in the day, but was traded on draft day for Rodney Rogers and Brent Barry.

Boston versus Chicago - Boston has two former Clippers of relatively recent vintage coming off their bench - Eddie House and Mikki Moore.  House is averaging 15 minutes and 5.5 points in the Chicago series, while Moore has averages of 11 minutes and barely over a point, and 2 rebounds.  With Kevin Garnett and now Leon Powe out with injuries, the Celtics actually need Moore, whom they signed to a minimum deal in March after Sacramento bought him out, to step up.  In his vagabond NBA career, Mikki has only signed two multi-year deals.  Each time he signed for 3 years, and each time he was waived towards the end of his second season with the team.  Some guys just aren't meant to stay in one place.  He'll likely be on a tenth NBA team next season.  I was about to say that Chicago has no former Clippers, but it turns out this guy Tim Thomas used to play for the Clippers.  I must have missed that.  When was he with the Clippers?

Orlando versus Philadelphia - Orlando has no former Clippers, and frankly I can't even figure out any ties to former Clippers.  Philadelphia on the other has two of the bigger name former Clippers on their roster.  Andre Miller is having a terrific post season, looking as good as ever.  He was in the 1999 draft, which was loaded with point guards, but he appears to be aging much better than the likes of Steve Francis and Baron Davis.  Miller is averaging 21.5 points, 7 rebounds and 5.3 assists in the series, and the Sixers are giving Orlando more than they bargained for.  And they're doing it all without former Clipper Elton Brand, who has missed the majority of the season for the second year in a row.  Worse still, when he was playing with the Sixers, they were a much less successful team, so they've got issues when he's healthy again.

Atlanta versus Miami - The only series with no former Clippers at all.  Flip Murray was ALMOST a Clipper last season - he was rumored to be signing a free agent contract with the team last March.  But at the last minute, he signed with Indiana, and then moved on to Atlanta this summer.  And that's it.  No other connections.

Western Conference:

Lakers versus Utah - For the Lakers, you have arguably the most talented former Clipper in the league, Lamar Odom.  With Andrew Bynum struggling to regain his form, Lamar has returned to the fore for the Lakers, and was huge in the game 5 win with 26 points and 15 rebounds.  He averaged almost 18 points and 11 rebounds in the Lakers series win.  Josh Powell is playing sparingly.  For Utah, Brevin Knight backs up Deron Williams at point guard, which means he doesn't get a lot of time: 17 minutes and zero points in the series.

Denver versus New Orleans - Speaking of backup point guards who don't get a lot of minutes and can't shoot, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jason Hart!  But you know what, he's in the playoffs, on the hottest team in the NBA right now, and likely headed to the conference finals pretty soon.  And he made a shot in game 4!  For the Hornets, former Clipper lottery pick Melvin Ely has not been on the active roster during the playoffs - which is the best thing that could have happened to him, given what's happening to his team.

San Antonio versus Dallas - There are a couple of little used erstwhile Clipper small forwards in this series, one for each team.  As it happens, Marcus Williams, a late season D-League call up for the Clippers' roster last year was a late season D-League call up for the Spurs this year.  He played all of 3 minutes for them during the regular season and has not been on the active roster for a playoff game.  For Dallas, James Singleton made the team after a year in Spain during which he tore his ACL - so the NBA playoffs is a great place for him to be considering where he was a year ago.  He got 12 mostly garbage minutes in their game three win, scoring 5 points and grabbing 3 rebounds.

Portland versus Houston - Brent Barry is the only former Clipper represented in this series, although Ron Artest was almost a Clipper on a couple of occasions.  Barry is barely playing for the Rockets at this point, with their youth movement taking hold around Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowry in the backcourt.