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Do Nothing: The Abbreviated Version

This is the short version, as the complete zhiv/text got lost in the tubes while I was browsing photos.  Hard to accept as I was trying to make a comeback, but perhaps it's appropriate to the topic:  what was I really trying to do, anyway, by writing a couple of thousand words on how the Clips should do nothing?  So here are the basic beats, as I can best reconstruct them.

Do Nothing is the Core Philosophy of zhiving and Club Optimism.

10 points:

1.  Injuries happen.  Has there ever been a real logjam, too many available big men?  Just the opposite.  So having a surplus is one way to address a chronic problem.  Even if the problem is me having to get excited about guys like Davis3 and Fazekas.

2.  DeAndre Jordan isn't ready.  DJordan was forgotten by the media--he's why they didn't need Thabeet.  Important piece who will complement Griffin, but very young and still raw.  After Camby deal expires, then Randolph deal, then Kaman deal, it would be nice if DJordan is a monster by then.  Did I mention that I'm excited by DJordan?

3. Kaman.  Kaman became Kaman 2.0 after FElton work ethic and MVP-quality season--perhaps injury woes and arrival of Griffin will provide similar motivation.  Best pure center, offense/defense.  Also complementary, salary is good--as long as it's Kaman 2.0.  Do Nothing:  Kaman gets another chance.

4. Camby.  Expiring deal.  Can be traded up until deadline if things get funky.  Veteran leadership and effort, good to have with young guys like Gordon, Griffin, and DJordan around.  Would be nice to have him healthy in training camp, working with BDavis and others (instead of hurt, with BDavis hanging out with Davis2 and Tim Thomas.)  Good player, nice piece:  do nothing.

5. Clips did a lot last year.  It didn't work.  So this year:  Do Nothing.  Clips signed BD, got Camby, but put those aside for the moment.  Big move was shipping out Thomas and Mobley, which put EGordon in the starting lineup.  Also moved up Steve Novak, who eventually started playing.  Collins came in, became an upgrade on QRoss, able to handle the ball and play 3rd string PG.  Worth it just for victory over Celtics and battle with Paul Pierce. 

6. Zbo.  Think of him as the new Tim Thomas.  Quality starter if Griffin needs an adjustment period.  His very poor defense is no longer problematic because the Clips have the ability to be a strong defensive team now.  But his scoring is valuable, and remember, guys get hurt.  Poor behavior not a problem because he is less important to team fortunes, and team has acquired a hard working, high energy Big Dog.  Zbo just part of the pack.  Don't think that I wasn't up at 4am working the Trade Machine, but how about this:  Do Nothing.

7.  Baron Davis is an elite point guard.  Now he has a reason to start playing like one.  He doesn't have to carry the team, which he has shown he can't do.  But drafting off of Griffin, Gordon, and others, he can bring poise under pressure and give the Clippers some swagger.  Plays better with the wind in his sails, has been saying the 2nd year will be different, got lucky and has a second chance to prove his worth.  Do nothing.  That includes not eating doughnuts.

8.  Al Thornton.  Athleticism of Griffin will complement AT's.  Team can play better defense, which will help AT's shortcomings.  Might play better on a better team,  make better decisions in 3rd year and have less responsibility to be leading scorer with emergence of EGordon, no time or bad shots from Davis2, better shot selection and overall play from BDavis, energy and play of Griffin, healthy front line.  Not the ideal longterm SF, but a talented, quality placeholder.  Do Nothing.

9.  A strong bench.  You know the names:  MTaylor, DJordan, Collins, possibly Novak, possibly FJones.  I even like Skinner as practice and disaster fodder.   Perhaps Griffin starts out coming off the bench, but we'll see.  With Do Nothing you have at least two starter-level bench players out of Griffin-Kaman-Camby-Zbo coming off the bench, guys with different skills.

10. MDSr. and Bill Simmons mojo.  Simmons reversals of fortune can be significant.  Vilified Doc Rivers as Celtics dropped to worst-record territory while he dreamed of KDurant in Celtic uniform.  Rivers now valued coach of championship team, wasn't his fault Kevin Garnett got hurt.  Simmons wrote book about how Red Sox World Series win made his life meaningful, made him whole, and now knows that they cheated and Manny Ramirez is just as dirty as McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds, so maybe Simmons is a little less whole.  Has been merciless in criticism of MDSr, blaming him for all Clip ills, saying that 100% of fan base wants him fired.  Not wrong about this, wasn't alone, but now Simmons will be renewing his season tickets, and the Clips have had the same attitude towards MDSr from the beginning, one that hasn't changed:  Do Nothing.