I give you measurements!

Blake Griffin:

No Shoes - 6'8.5

Shoes - 6'10

Weight - 248

Wingspan - 6'11.25

Reach - 8'9

I suppose those stats are pretty good Not exactly sure what a "top of the line" measurement is. At least he really is 6'10 and he's nearly 250 pounds. That's also a plus as he'll need size and strength against other bigs. Some interesting notes:

Tyreke Evans has the same wingspan as Blake does and a reach of 8'8. Earl Clark has a wingspan of 7'2.5 and a reach of 9'1.5.

To put this into perspective a bit Al has a wingspan of 7'1 and a reach of 8.8

Hopefully we get the rest of the stats (max vert., bench press, agility, etc) later today

Here's the full list

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