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Tonight's Playoff Game Thread

Denver versus Cleveland in the Finals?  Both the Nuggets and the Cavs looked great again last night, Denver pulling away in the fourth quarter while Cleveland dominated the entire second half.  Of course, with Josh Howard leaving the game, Denver should beat Dallas, but they're doing it convincingly.  Ditto Cleveland.

Tonight, it's a couple of game twos, with the Celtics and the Lakers each in a 0-1 hole, having lost game 1 at home and thus surrendering home court advantage.  Of course both the Magic and Rockets would feel pretty good simply heading home tied 1-1, and that's what usually happens in this situation.  But it would be great to see the story rewritten for the 'storied' franchises.

You'll recall that we started a traveling game thread for the SBNation NBA blogs that are out of the playoffs.  Last night's thread was hosted at Motown String Music, and generated over 200 comments from members across SBNation, including Citizens Lawlers Law and bystander.  It was actually quite the all star cast on that thread, with bloggers from the Pistons, Jazz, Knicks, Pacers and many others all contributing.  In short, it's a good place to be if you have random NBA questions or if you just want to watch a game with some really sharp and pretty witty guys.

Tonight's thread is being hosted by SLC Dunk - 5 PM Pacific Time tip off.  With the hated Celtics and the equally hated Lakers both involved, I expect the unaffiliated commenters to quickly rally behind the Magic and the Rockets.

Of course you can also stop by the SBNation blogs for the participating teams to see what their game threads are like.  Here's the list:

But the traveling thread is probably the safe place for us kibbitzers.