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Clipper Clippings - June 1, 2009

I know - because I'm a jerk, I'll write an entire column where I recommend that Blake Griffin's dad behave like a jerk.
The implication that somehow Memphis would be an acceptable destination while the Clippers are not (Memphis having a worse overall winning percentage, and a much worse recent history) is the funniest bit.  That, and the 'threat' that "Blake will go to Europe, or go back to school and work on his game privately, or go back to school and be a kick-blocking specialist for Bob Stoops' football team."

Jay Leno is so hilariously funny. 
In his final monologue on The Tonight Show, Leno said "You know the only thing that hasn't changed in 17 years? The Clippers still suck."  What a knee-slapper.  Gosh, I'll miss him.  Only problem is, in 1992 the Clippers were in the middle of back-to-back trips to the playoffs.  So funny... but not true.  The Clippers under Larry Brown were good in 1992.

Kaman to Detroit rumor. 
This is an older link that I had not seen on CN before.  It's just speculation on how he would be a good fit in Detroit from Vince Ellis of the Free Press who says "With the Pistons' glaring needs up front, Kaman (if healthy) would add skilled size."  No mention of Tayshaun Prince or any other trade piece.

A brief note from Mitch Lawrence in New York about Rubio...
"Spanish PG Ricky Rubio is making noises that he wants to play in a big market, meaning not Memphis, which likes him at No.2, or Oklahoma City. ..."  I think he'll end up in Sacramento, but it would be nice to figure out a package that Memphis likes for the pick.  I'd offer anything on the team, including future first rounders, other than the first pick or Gordon.  I'd also take back any contract they want to get rid of like Jaric. Combine overflows with young talent
Jonathan Givony of Draft Express is writing a weekly draft column for Not much in this one about Blake Griffin, but a nice pulse on the Draft Combine.