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Clipper Clippings - June 10, 2009

Has anyone been following this site?
I honestly had just not seen it.  The blogger, John Mager, appears to be a Clips Nation reader as well.  Say Hi, John.

Immediate Needs: Los Angeles Clippers - Eric Pincus
An excellent, clear-headed look at the Clippers' current situation from Eric Pincus.  Everything he says here seems to make sense to me.  His big man hierarchy of trade possibilities fits almost exactly what I said to Kevin earlier today.  Hat tip to ClipperChuck for finding the link (and a demerit for posting it as a FanPost instead of a FanShot).

Basketball Chats |
All Eric Pincus, all the time. His regular Tuesday chat, as always, is chock full of Clippers' questions.

Debunking a Randolph Rumor
Brian Windhurst of the Plain Dealer, one of the best beat writers around, examines the rumor we saw last week identifying Zach Randolph as a potential trade target for the Cavs.  As we said here, the fact that the author calls a potential Z-bo deal a 'sign-and-trade' is a big red flag that this rumor is not credible.  Windhurst does however allow that the Cavs could well be interested in a Clipper big like Kaman or Camby - but their main trade asset is Ben Wallace, and I don't see the Clippers doing a straight salary dump on Kaman, and obviously that would be pointless with Camby, who is more productive, less expensive and just as expire-y as big Ben.

[Update by Steve Perrin, 06/10/09 2:55 PM PDT ]

A couple of late BG additions thanks to FanShots.

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