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Summit, sort of: Eric Gordon is pretty friggin good

Monsieur Perrin has one more night down in the canyon, and journeys home tomorrow.  In the meantime, the inimitable KA considers Eric Gordon in the latest installment of the Clipperblogger Summer Summit, so go on over to Clipperblog to get the latest.  I put up my own skewed Gordon considerations yesterday afternoon, before KA put up his post, so perhaps the two count for a mini-summit, and SP will return soon enough to make sense of it all and share his own thoughts on Eric Gordon.

As long as I'm here and discussing the summit, I'll mention how lucky we are to have two such insightful and expert commentators like SP and KA working hard on analysis of the crappy team that we unfortunately care about for whatever bizarre reason.  I'm assuming that no one on this site was in the Colosseum as the Lakers made their imperial march through the peristyle and down the steps to their floor, set up in the endzone.  I gotta say, I was impressed.  Whattawe got?  We got Clipper Steve and ESPN/TrueHoop's own Kevin Arnovitz!  You heard me.

And KA's Gordon musings are hardly idle.  Linky SP will probably help us remember how KA sat with Rookie guru David Thorpe and gave him an advanced Eric Gordon tutorial, helping Thorpe begin to see the light.  And KA and Thorpe figure to spending even more time looking at the same screens next year, with Blake Griffin marking out a huge blip on Thorpe's radar.

Oh--wait--the Clips haven't drafted Griffin yet?  Let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Draft in 8 days.  And as KA points out Clippers-Lakers summer league game, featuring Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, Mike Taylor and whoever the Clips happen to draft, on July 13 in Vegas.  Maybe Ariza and Odom will have turned in their purple and gold togas by then.