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Clipper Clippings - June 2, 2009

Blake Griffin Ready to be a Clipper - Eric Pincus, HoopsWorld -
I can't decide if Pincus is biased towards the Clippers, or if he's just balanced and every other sportswriter is biased against the Clippers.  My logical nature tells me which is more likely.  Then again, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

The NBA All-Overrated Team - Travis Heath, HoopsWorld -
From a pro-Clipper piece on HoopsWorld, to a decidedly less positive one.  This link is over a week old, but I hadn't seen it on CN yet.  Unfortunately, Heath's first team all overrated team includes two Clippers - Baron Davis at the point guard and Zach Randolph at the power forward.  It begs the question of the definition of overrated - this seems a little like the all overpaid team.  Iverson can certainly be called both overpaid AND overrated - he made the all star team again this season, despite being nothing but a detriment to his teams.  But Zach's never made an all star team in his life, he's twice been traded for little more than salary relief, and he's viewed as almost untradeable right now.  He's certainly overpaid - but I wouldn't exactly call him overrated, as I don't know who is rating him highly right now.