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Clipper Clippings - Summer Solstice Edition - In Which Lots of People talk About Blake Griffin

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Williams says he may try to play again -
Almost Clipper Jason Williams says he may not want to stay retired.  Hat tip to Citizen Lawler's Law.  No big deal for LA.

All Blake Griffin, all the time: ESPN gears up for NBA Draft with coverage of former Sooner standout |
Of course the OKC papers are pretty much all BG all the time also.

Blake Griffin, Knicks among those with plenty to prove in draft - Steve Aschburner -
The NBA draft is a game unto itself or, for our purposes here, a combination of games: equal parts musical chairs and hot potato.  Aschbrunner says that Griffin is on the hot seat, but doesn't deem it beyond the realm of possibility that he can lift the Clippers up.

Deseret News | Utah Jazz: Is Griffin the next Mailman or Boozer?
Who better than a Salt Lake City sports writer to contrast Blake Griffin to two of the guys to whom he is frequently compared - Karl Malone and Carlos Boozer.

NBA - - FOX Sports on MSN
Not much of a post, but here's the Clipper-bashing money quote, for what it's worth: "Outside of Blake Griffin, every prospect in this year's draft comes attached with some serious question marks. Heck, even Griffin's NBA future is murky, thanks to the perpetually horrible Los Angeles Clippers winning the lottery. It's one thing to toss up 30/20 on a regular basis in the Big 12; quite another to keep your sanity as a potential All-Star trapped in Clipperdom. Before too long, the word "Clipper" will become shorthand for "horrifying, franchise-crippling injury," as in "Adrian Peterson was set to lead the Minnesota Vikings' rushing attack, but he suffered a Clipper and he's out for the year.""

Fewer International Players Are Available for N.B.A. Draft -
An interesting article on the relative weakness of the international players in this draft. It's also interesting to see former Clippers beat writer Jonathan Abrams still using his LA contacts, referencing Clippers' scout Fabrizio Besnati right at the top of the article.

Jazz: NBA draft could be a Griffin family affair - Salt Lake Tribune
Taylor Griffin, Blake's big bro, has worked out for a few teams including the Jazz.  If he is not drafted, wouldn't it make sense for the Clippers to sign him as a rookie FA, send him to Vegas, let him try to make the team?  After all, he projects to a glue guy small forward if he's good enough to play in the NBA.

Your next backup for Paul Pierce: Quinton Ross? | Celtics Hub
A rather glowing assessment of erstwhile Clipper Q Ross from a Celtics blogger. 

Clippers assistant Eyen may be headed to Sacramento | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times
Hat tip to Citizen Paper Clip.  Dillman's comment about lots of potential movement on the coaching staff surprised me.

Former Clipper Shaun Livingston works out in L.A. | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times
Keeping tabs on former Clipper Shaun Livingston, he's in town working out with his current coach (and former UCI Anteater) Scott Brooks.

Hoops Addict " How The Clippers Prepare For The NBA Draft
From over a week ago, a quick look at how MDsr prepares for the draft, given his double duties of coach and GM.