Steve on NPR Morning Edition June 10th


This radio appearance happened completely by accident. Henry Abbott of TrueHoop was in town covering game 4 of the Finals, and we had arranged to be at the ESPNZone before the game, just as an opportunity to meet. When I got there, the place was a zoo, and Henry had Tom Goldman of NPR in tow: Tom was doing a story about Laker-hating. They had the realization that I might have some insight into the phenomenon, so he asked me some questions. I must have talked for 20 minutes - I was solid gold, I'm telling you. Brilliant insight after brilliant insight spilling out of my mouth, filling his digital recorder until it burst. And he used the 3 second 'Kobe's a punk' thing. Sure, when you edit it that way, it lacks nuance. I got your nuance right here, Goldman. Actually, it's a nice enough spot for 4 minutes of radio - and the frothing at the mouth Clipper blogger thing is pretty funny. I wish he'd included the blog name though. That's the second time I've been on NPR, and both times they neglected to give the name of the blog. HEY NPR! YOU MAY BE NON-PROFIT, BUT I AIN'T. I NEED PAGE VIEWS!

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