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Clipper Clippings - June 3, 2009

HOOPSWORLD Eric Pincus Chat
There's probably more Clippers coverage in Eric Pincus' weekly Tuesday chats than the rest of the web combined (excluding CN and Clipperblog of course). Of 58 questions this week, 9 are on the Clippers. He's got interesting takes on which big is most likely to be traded, and some speculation (unfounded as far as I know) about where.

A Hornets Blogger with a Clipper Trade proposal
You kind of have to read it to believe it - it involves packaging EJ with Randolph and getting nothing much in return, the assumption being that the Clippers are so desperate to get rid of Z-Bo that they would do it.  Hornets 24/7 is the TrueHoop Hornets blog, and Ryan went to Kevin for feedback on his proposal. Kevin, who pretty much viscerally hates Randolph, very politely told him his idea makes no sense. Imagine what I might have told him! I can't see myself being quite so polite. Hat tip to TrueHoop.

Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard were almost teammates -- on the Clippers. - Los Angeles Times
OK, so I realize that Jerry Crowe's "Texts from Press Row" are supposed to be brief, pithy snippets, and aren't intended as great journalism. But isn't he essentially saying that if both of these guys had been Clippers (which neither were) then they would have been teammates on the Clippers? And isn't that pretty obvious? The Clippers didn't get the first pick, and even traded the second pick, when if you'll recall it was not exactly a 'Blake Griffin' lock that the Magic were going to take Howard over Okafor. And Kobe didn't sign with the Clippers, and wouldn't have even if they'd gotten the first pick. (Not to mention that getting rid of Drobnjak when they traded down was essential in clearing the cap space to go after Bryant.) So I would quibble with the whole 'almost' thing here.