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Clipper Clippings - June 4, 2009

A Kaman reference from a couple weeks ago
A Chicago writer has his eye on Chris Kaman.  No sources backing this up from what I can tell.  Kaman is an obvious target for the size and post scoring challenged Bulls.  Hinrich is most frequently linked to him in those whispers, but I still think Deng is a possibility.

Mobley's heart condition re-examined --
Newsday writer revisits the Mobley story after the OTL show on ESPN. 

Jeff Pearlman is so hilariously funny - he's a regular Jay Leno.
I'm just going to warn you not to follow this link unless you want to get pissed off.  It imagines Blake Griffin paying for breakfast at Denny's with DTS among other things.  You know, for me, it's all about the funny.  You can be as nasty as you like, if you bring the funny.

A thorny situation for Rose, NCAA and NBA – NESN University -
In the nitpicking department, one of this author's points is that the one-and-done system created by the NBA's age minimum is a big part of the problem with basketball players going to schools without being qualified or serious about it. He cites Blake Griffin as an example of the continuing trend. Only one problem - Griffin stayed at Oklahoma a second season.

DHS students still talking about seeing NBA finalists - The Desert Sun
The dean of Desert Springs Middle School is a closet Clippers fan, much to the dismay of the 13 year olds.

Marty Blake and Associates - Official Scouts to the NBA
Ryan Blake (Marty's kid) has some interesting things to say about mock drafts, our friend Chad Ford, and DeAndre Jordan even gets a mention.