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Clipper Clippings - June 6, 2009

Remembering Randy " Buffalo Nation
A blog post about Randy Smith from Tim Wendel, the author of Home of the Braves about the NBA history of the franchise.

NCAA Riches to NBA Rags: No. 10, Danny Ferry - The Dagger
This story caught my eye because of the post I did on the Clippers' solid record of trading over the years.  The trade of Danny Ferry for Ron Harper was a good trade - but only because the choice of Ferry with the second pick in the draft was so monumentally bad.  Not only was Ferry so dead set against playing for the Clippers that he went to Italy to avoid it - he wasn't worthy of the second pick in the draft to begin with.  Which is why he appears on this list.

The Lakers Are Basketball | The New York Observer
What would a paean to the mighty Lakers be without the contrast of the lowly Clippers?

Hello again - Inside the Clippers
The Pest is back!  But only for a brief visit.  Ramona Shelburne, erstwhile Clippers beat writer for the LA Daily News, checks in with a little context around the open workout for Blake Griffin today.

Los Angeles Clippers, stealers of thunder | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times
And Times' Lakers blogger Brian Kamenetzky has something to say about it as well.  He gives the Clippers credit for the marketing savvy of working out Griffin while the Finals are in town.  With two days between game one and game two, the assembled media are going to be itching to cover something.