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Clipper Clippings - June 9, 2009

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Better late than never?

Kevin uses his ESPN contacts to analyze Griffin's mechanics
I don't think Clipper fans realize exactly how lucky we are to have Kevin Arnovitz lobbying for our team and working his Rolodex to get info to us.  He asked David Thorpe to break down Griffin's shooting, which he did.  It's mostly good news - something like, he's got terrible form, and yet he still makes shots on sheer ability.  Imagine what he'll do with good form?  (This all begs the question, isn't he a coach's kid?  Isn't the coach's kid usually like Steve Novak, Bryce Drew?  Perfect shooters, who are limited by their physical ability?)

Kevinn Pinkney to Play for the Clippers in Summer League
Assuming this TV station in Reno has the story straight, we now know one of the free agents that will be playing with the Clippers this summer.  The most interesting thing to me about Pinkney is the link in the chain at Nevada Wolfpack hoops.  Kirk Snyder, Kevinn Pinkney, Nick Fazekas, Ramon Sessions - did that school really produce four borderline NBA players in the last 5 years?  Seems hard to believe.  Pinkney has played (and played well) in the D-League and in Europe since leaving Reno.

Blake Griffin takes his training regimen seriously
Just a fascinating story in USA Today about Griffin's workouts with Frank Matrisciano in San Francisco.  For me, this is the money quote: "Matrisciano doesn't advertise his services, but those who are serious about fitness training hear about him through the grapevine. His client list includes military personnel, martial arts aficionados, members of California's upscale crowd and professional athletes."  So if this basketball thing doesn't work out, maybe Blake can be in Special Ops or take up MMA.

[Update by Steve Perrin, 06/09/09 5:42 PM PDT ]

More on Frank Matrisciano
Hat tip to Citizen 69Knicks for finding this article from last June about Griffin's trainer.  This is really wild stuff.