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Summer League Coverage on SBNation

So, once I get to Vegas some time tomorrow, of course all of your blogging needs will be met.  But until then, there are already four SBNation bloggers on the ground in Sin City, in case you are the insatiable type.  Several of them have live threads running.

The following blogs are covering the action already:

Ridiculous Upside - Where Potential Is Way Cooler Than Reality
Ridiculous Scott is all over this - it's what he lives for.

Brew Hoop - An unofficial Milwaukee Bucks blog
Frank is in Vegas, which is probably a little warmer than Milwaukee.  Someone's got to keep an eye on Brandon Jennings.  Who knows what that kid will say next?

Liberty Ballers - Where brotherly love is all we got.
How this for irony?  Our Sixers blogger goes to UNLV, but Philly sent their team to Orlando.  D'oh!  But since Sams only has to walk from the dorm to the Thomas and Mack, he's of course watching as much ball as he can.  You know he'll be all over Dionte Christmas, a Temple kid.

Pounding The Rock - For all your Manu Loving San Antonio Spurs News
According to AusTechSpur, someone in ClipsNation dissed him early in the season, and he's been taking heat from his community ever since.  Or rather it's a running gag.  Who did that?  I'm guessing it was Citizen Lawler's Law.  At any rate, he apparently has some sort of score to settle with me.  Yikes!