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Summer League Open Thread - Monday, July 13

Today's action begins with the Timberwolves vs. the D-League Select team.  I'm not sure what it means to be on the D-League select team when most of the best D-League guys were 'selected' to be on NBA summer league rosters.  But I suppose that is picking nits.

If you're in the house and readig this on your mobile, I'm at the east end of the Cox pavilliion, beyond the D Leaguers bench.  Wearing my non-affiliated Mini hat, so stop by and say Hi.  (by the way, I know it's the east end, because Wayne, aka AusTechSpur, has a compass on his iPhone.  We're guessing that's the one and only time that feature will be used.)

Wolves feature Jonny flynn, Oleksiy Pecherov (aka Stewie), Corey Brewer and Wayne Ellington, among others (for any Anteaters out there, there's been an Adam Parada sighting.  D-League features one guy I've ever heard of, Walker Russell.  So far, it's a bit of a mis-match.