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NBA Summer League - Blake Griffin's Pro Debut

So, the Allen Iverson rumor has stolen a bit of the Clipper oxygen here, but that will be forgotten in a few minute.  Believe it or not, I have courtside, right at midcourt, for Blake Griffin's first game.  So I guess that's pretty cool.  I'm not sure where the camera positions are, but look for me on the TV feed.

Commissioner David Stern is in the house, for what it's worth - as is Donald T. Sterling.

At this moment, Sterling, Andy Roeser and Neil Olshey are deep in conversation - wonder what they're talking about?  Then again, super fan Jimmy Goldstein is in the discussion as well, so I doubt it's super-secret trade related.  This place is pretty amazing.  Every time you turn around, you see someone else.  Speaking of which, there's Ralph Lawler. 

The Clippers are taking the floor to warm up.  Looks like the only brought the 10 guys they originally announced.  Griffin is apparently planning on making the dramatic entrance.  He and DJ aren't out yet.