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Clippers vs. Hornets - NBA Summer League, July 14

First of all, Happy Bastille Day everyone.  I should find Rodrique Beaubois or Mickeal Gelabale and do a quick French language interview.  You know - because I can.

OK, so it seems like my laptop is working again here. 

Clippers - Hornets.  I was hoping for some more NBA-quality bigs to push Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan a little, but I don't see Courtney Sims on the Hornets bench, so that may not be happening.

Seems like I picked the right day to focus on DeAndre Jordan.  In his first seven minutes on the court, he went 3 for 3 from the field (all dunks) and even made his two free throws.  He also blocked a shot.  Not bad.

What do you need to know about the Hornets?  Their summer league backcourt is first round pick Darren Collison, who went to some school in the greater LA area I guess, and second round pick Marcus Thornton.  And third year player Julian Wright, drafted a few spots ahead of Al Thornton in 2007, is here as well.  They're starting Earl Barron at the center - a seven footer out of Memphis who has been in the bigs a couple of times.