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What Does Clips Nation Think About Allen Iverson?

You may have already discerned that it's been a bit of a crazy day for me. I had breakfast with a friend in Las Vegas, then drove back to LA. I got reacquainted with my family, took care of some things that needed to be done, and now here I am finally at the computer - and it's almost midnight!

So I know that I owe you a recap of the second summer league game, and I have a few other posts in mind from my time in Las Vegas, learning the ropes as a cub reporter. But I simply can't face all of that right now.

Instead, I thought I'd get you citizens clicking away at a new poll. A couple weeks ago, I was brainstorming about Shawn Marion, and asked what everyone thought about the idea of possibly using a trade exception on him. The majority of you thought that it would be a good idea at a single year so that it wouldn't eat into future cap space, while 26% thought it would be a bad idea for any length contract, and only 15% would have been willing to offer more than a year.

Well now instead of a hypothetical Shawn Marion, we are faced with a semi-real Allen Iverson. And if the rumor mill has it's facts straight, he may be available for the type of contract that the majority of you were willing to offer Marion - one year, and even less money (the Mid Level Exception, call it $5.5M). And while you may think that the team needs a small forward more than another guard, Iverson clearly does fill a role as well. But there's no question that Iverson would have to come off the bench, which could be a nonstarter for all involved (get it, not starting is a nonstarter).

At any rate, let's take it to the ballot box. We only need two options on this one - Is he the Answer, or isn't he?