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Clippers - Grizzlies Summer League Open Thread

As we've discussed, this game should be a better test for the Clippers' front line.  Assuming both teams go with their top guys, Blake Griffin will be matched up with some time NBA starting power forward Darrell Arthur, while DeAndre Jordan will be opposite second overall pick Hasheem Thabeet

The Grizzlies' have been starting Thabeet and Arthur, along with first round pick DeMarre Carroll at small forward, second round pick Sam Young at shooting guard and former first rounder Marcus Williams at the point.  Young. at 6'6", might be an intersting test for Eric Gordon as well.

Often teams decide to take a longer look at the other guys with them in Vegas at some point, worrying even less about the outcome, and resting their stars.  I doubt this will be that game for either of these teams, since it makes sense for both to see how they stack up.  It's the first pick versus the second pick - in theory, it's one of the marquee games of the summer.