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Clippers vs. Wizards Summer League - Open Thread

Based on his Tweets today, sounds like Blake Griffin is planning on playing.  You never know in Summer League who's going to get the night off.

Of course, If Eric Gordon gets the night off again, then it might not matter much who else plays - we've said before that Summer League tends to dominated by guard play, and with Mike Taylor struggling, the Clippers don't have much of a backcourt in Vegas without Gordon.

Griffin has been consistently great up front, averaging 20 points (11th in Vegas) and 12 rebounds (second) in his three games.  Not as consistent for DeAndre Jordan, who had two solid games and then disappeared in the third one.

Mike Prada of Bullets Forever is courtside at the game, so I'd suggest you keep an eye on his open thread as well - he'll have some insights for you.  The Wizards SL roster is loaded - Nick Young has been lighting it up. JaVale McGee is there, Andray Blatche has played some, Javaris Crittendon also - if the Summer League is generally made up of first and second year players, the Wizards are unique in that they've got several more experienced guys there.   Maybe it makes up for trading away their first round pick this season.  The McGee versus Jordan matchup should be fun assuming that DJ shows.