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Apparently Sessions Thinks Three is Too Many at the One

There are several interesting tidbits in Steve Kyler's NBA AM post on HoopsWorld today (Hat Tip to Citizen ASoMS for the FanShot). 

The most relevant revelation (a relevant revelation, I like it) is that Ramon Sessions has apparently cooled on the idea of coming to the Clippers since the arrival of Sebastian Telfair.  He'd now be joining a backcourt with a ten year vet with 561 career starts and a five year vet with 180 career starts.  Meanwhile, Sessions has been in the league two seasons and has started 46 games.  So, yeah, I guess if you look at it that way.

It seems his camp is unwilling to commit to anything in L.A. as long as the Clippers have two point guards on the roster. It seems Ramon was comfortable playing with Baron Davis, but the idea of competing with Davis and Sebastian Telfair is too much. If the Clippers want Sessions they may have to move Telfair, whom they recently acquired in a multi-player deal with Minnesota.

It's an interesting position if there's any truth to it.  Not to psychoanalyze it too much, but doesn't Sessions have the self-confidence to assume that Telfair is not really his competition?  Is he willing to sign a $30M contract, and then worry about whether he'll lose minutes to the guy making $5M?  I mean, I suppose it's a practical concern, but if the Clippers are courting him, and talking about MLE money, the pretty clear implication is that they envision a pretty big role for him, and that the only way that role changes with Bassy on the roster is if Bassy outplays him.  So, don't let Bassy outplay you.

Kyler goes on to say that the Bucks are likely to match any offer, so the point is probably moot.  Of course, if other teams aren't stepping up, it may not matter whether what Sessions thinks about Telfair - he'll sign the richest offer sheet he can get, especially if he believes he's going to end up in Milwaukee anyway.

It's worth noting that one of the first things another writer said to me before the presser yesterday was "I guess they had to do this quickly before they traded Bassy."  I'm more and more convinced that the main reason MDsr made this trade was to accumulate young, relatively cheap assets, which is also why he's still very interested in Sessions.  The point is, if you're acquiring assets, you're also no doubt looking to move those assets when the opportunity arises.  The obvious solution to the hand-wringing around here about too many ones, not enough threes, is to trade Bassy to a team lacking depth at the one who happens to be overloaded at the three. 

The other Clipper-specific item in the NBA AM had to do with Allen Iverson

The latest word is that Memphis and the Clippers have broken off talks with Iverson and have moved on to other players, leaving Iverson to consider much smaller deals with Charlotte or Miami.

I know not everyone agrees, but this is definitely a good thing for this team.  We're not really concerned about the 09-10 Clippers right now - this is about the Clippers of 2010 and beyond, and Allen Iverson can only hurt that future Clipper team.  Moving on.

Kyler also makes a brief mention of Portland's non-pursuit of Sessions, which I remarked on yesterday.  According to his report, the Blazers just don't think Sessions is a good fit.  I'm not sure I agree, but it's a reason.