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A Clipper Spirit Taylor Sighting


I got an email from our great friend Taylor the other day alerting me to her recent appearance in 'Shape' magazine.  For those of you who may be sadly unaware, Taylor is a the greatest member of the Clipper Spirit ever, a five year veteran of the squad who was sadly cut last year in a controversy that nearly ripped Clips Nation apart.  Oh, and Taylor loves me.

Now, before everyone gets too confused, no, she's not actually on the cover.  That honor went to Jada Pinkett Smith this August.  But there's a feature on the back inside cover called "You in Shape" where readers send in a photo and some info about themselves, and they mock up this cover and include their health and fitness tips (Taylor likes extreme step and grilled salmon, fyi).  Taylor tells me that they actually airbrushed OUT her six pack!

After Taylor told me about it, I went looking for the magazine.  But I'm not a regular reader of 'Shape' (go figure), and the first couple of places I looked didn't have it.  I asked the ClipperWife where one might pick up a copy and she said they should have it at any major supermarket.  (Of couse she also asked why, so I had to admit I wanted to see Taylor's abs, which didn't come as much of a surprise to my wife.)  Well, last night on my way home from a meeting, I stopped by the Ralph's and picked up the magazine and three coconuts (I'm on a coconut milk kick right now - it's yummy).  About a half hour later the ClipperWife returned from yoga - with 'Shape' magazine and two coconuts!  Is it any wonder I love her?  Sorry Taylor, there's only one ClipperWife.