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Clipper Clippings - July 8 - in which Steve tries to catch up a bit

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The problem with these 'Clippings' posts is that they become a little more daunting if you fall behind.  I've been on the road a bunch for the last three weeks, and obviously I haven't really been doing any Clippings.  Part of that was priorities - there were better things to write about, and I only had so much time.  But once you start getting a backlog in the RSS readers, it gets tough to work through them looking for the decent stuff.  The good news is that Citizen Lawler's Law (and others) are usually there to get everything into the FanShots, if nothing else.  But at any rate, I'm finally caught up now, so maybe I can start getting these Clippings posts out here semi-regularly again.

By the way, just so I know, please leave a comment with your feelings about the Clippings posts.  If people love them, I'll make more of an effort to keep them alive.  If you're lukewarm, then maybe I'll just let them drop.

Q Ross Signs with his hometown Mavs
Ross may be joining his former Clipper teammate James Singleton, who is a Mavs free agent.  At any rate, Q extends his seemingly unlikely NBA career to a sixth season.  Good for him.

Griffin in line for endorsements with Subway, EA Sports - 
This story ran a few days before the draft.  It's not really news of course, but it will be interesting to see how first overall pick Blake Griffin, playing in major media market LA, does in the endorsement game over the next four years.  In theory, the Clippers' market should be a major draw for free agents.  In practice, it hasn't been enough to overcome other perceptions.  Perhaps Griffin can start to change those perceptions. Power forwards: A new breed of NBA player takes the court 
No surprise that Jonathon Givoney makes Blake Griffin the poster boy for power forwards and the future of the position.

Jim Eyen leaves MDsr's staff to work for Paul Westphal 
Did we miss this story around here?  I had seen Eyen's name floated as a possibility, but missed the fact that he was actually gone.  By the way, Neal Meyer is being considered for a spot on Mike Brown's staff in Cleveland.  So get your resumes ready folks, because MDsr will likely be hiring some new assistants himself.

Griffin will need sense of humor on way to Clipperdom -
Another 'Poor Blake Griffin, the Clippers suck' story that slipped through the cracks.  Proceed with caution.

Blake Griffin Interview
Because you can never read enough Blake Griffin interviews.

Clippers join Warriors as D-League affiliates of Jam -
The Clippers are now associated with the Bakersfield Jam instead of the Anaheim Arsenal.  Does anyone know what happened to the Arsenal, by the way?  It would probably take a 2 minute Google search to find out, but I'm too lazy to do that.  Of course, the Clippers have yet to assign a player to the D-League in their history, so this really shouldn't change a lot.

Uni Watch: Which uniforms are in the most desperate need of a redesign? - ESPN
Someone wrote a FanPost here suggesting a Clippers uniform makeover.  I actually like the old school Clippers look, but you can certainly see how a change might make a lot of sense as a break with the past. 

Blake Griffin: The Clippers Are Going to Be Explosive -- NBA FanHouse
Elie Seckbach brings his own unique reporting style to this report on Blake Griffin.

Don't Forget Shaun Livingston - HOOPSWORLD
Jason Fleming of Hoopsworld thinks that Livingston is going to be a key member of the OKC Thunder.  I tend to agree.  He's a pure point with size - a perfect complement to Russell Westbrook.

NBA Outsider: Los Angeles Clippers Draft Follow Up - MVN Outsider
This is a draft follow up I wrote for a series on MVN.  Unfortunately, they appear to have dropped some words in the process of posting it - the first word of most links is missing.  Weird.

Kyle McAlarney Blog
Because who doesn't want to read a Kyle McAlarney Blog?  (If you're wondering, he's a Notre Dame point guard who's on the Clippers' summer league roster.)