Yo Mr. Perrin

I think it might be time to change the whole "all of the basketball, with none of the brand" tagline. I think we're all pretty separated from the whole Elton saga, and honestly I just prefer not to be reminded of it every time I check clipsnation, which is somewhere between 57 and 300 times daily. I have a couple of ideas for a new tagline...

1) The L.A. Clippers: They might not always be good, but they will always take your chain.

2) The L.A. Clippers: Home of Chris Kaman, the black Jesus Christ.

3) Clipsnation: Where the illegitimate children of Loy Vaught and Eric Piatkowski come to play.

4) Clippers Basketball: Come for the Lottery Picks, Stay for the Hypertension.

5) Clipsnation: Next Year is Always Our Year.

6) What does John Hollinger know about basketball anyways?

7) Clipsnation: Chris Kaman is ambidextrous. AMBIDEXTROUS!

8) Clipsnation: Home of the Eric Gordon Thizzface.

9) The L.A. Clippers: So Many Homies, Just One Basketball.

10) Clipsnation: Brian Skinner will eat all of you haters.

11) The Clippers: Harder than the Wu-Tang Clan.

12) When the Clippers win the Championship, I will be wearing Clippers Championship apparel for the rest of my life.

Thanks for all your fantastic work. They should retire Brian Skinners jersey. They actually should retire Sam Cassell's Jersey. Cherokee Parks.

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