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Does Anyone Know What's Happening With Ramon Sessions?

We're in mid-August, and as far as I can tell there is more confusion about what's happening with restricted free agent Ramon Sessions today than there was a month ago. 

Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld took a stab at a recap this morning (hat tip to Citizen danobaseball):

The L.A. Clippers seem to be the frontrunners for Ramon Sessions this week, although that could change. It does seem that Sessions is trapped in restricted free agent hell as both the Knicks and Clippers would do a deal, however there is still a belief that Milwaukee will match a deal less than $4 million and neither team seems ready to do a four- or five-year deal with Sessions over $4 million.

He goes on to say that the Bucks might match just to retain the asset (presumably to then trade him) and that the Knicks might be able to move some salary and match Sessions price while retaining cap space for next season.  In other words, as has been the case all season, the Clippers are reacting to what other teams are doing.  That's fine - the Clippers can be opportunistic on this one.  I like Sessions, and I think he rounds out the roster nicely at the right price.  But the worst thing they can do on this one is overpay for Sessions.

Then there are the dominoes that may or may not be ahead of Sessions.  One of those is the Knicks' ability to trade a contract like Jared Jeffries, but there are others.

RealGM is reporting that the Knicks are trying to trade for Ricky Rubio, which of course would make Sessions unnecessary in New York.  However Bill Simmons tweets B.S. on that one ("Note to Real GM: You can't publish crap like this. The Knicks have no 2010 pick. How the F are they getting Rubio?"), and I have to agree.  What exactly can the Knicks offer the Wolves in trade without a 2010 first rounder or much in the way of assets?  Jordan Hill and a 2011 first round pick and cash for Ricky Rubio?  Of course, the Wolves don't need a young big - that's all they got.  If the Knicks really are looking at Rubio, it would open the field for the Clippers to land Sessions - but I don't see it.

More credibly, Doug Smith blogs from the Toronto Star that Carlos Delfino and Roko Ukic are soon heading to Milwaukee for Amir Johnson and another player (hat tip to Citizen Illastrate).  In case you didn't know, Ukic plays point guard, which would give the Bucks lottery rookie Brandon Jennings, last year's starter Luke Ridnour and Ukic at the position.  Might they match an offer sheet to Sessions, just to keep the asset, in hopes of then trading him?  They might, but it seems risky.  It's not like he's been generating massive interest as a free agent - would he generate more on the trading block?  If, as Smith says, this trade goes through today or tomorrow, you have to figure that the Knicks and Clippers will no longer view the Bucks as a major impediment to signing Sessions.

And then there's Al Thornton as a source.  Al told Citizen camby23 over the weekend that Sessions isn't coming to the Clippers.  Does Al really have inside info?  If he did, would he share it with some guy he ran into?  Or was he just offering his opinion? 

Like everything else in this situation, we just don't know.