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More Sessions Non-News - Actually, Nonsense This Time

This stuff just makes me crazy.

Here's a blog post originating from the New York Post earlier today:

Now that the Bucks have traded for former Raptors PG Roko Ukic, it seems unlikely they will have room for restricted free agent Ramon Sessions.

Knicks president Donnie Walsh is interested in Sessions, but doesn't want to tie up long-term money before next year's free-agent class. But with little interest around the league, Sessions may have to agree to a one- or two-year deal with the Knicks.

The Clippers seem to be the only other team that has pursued talks with Sessions.

OK, nothing really there, right?  The Raptors trade went through, so Ukic is now a Buck, so that's significant, I'll give him that.  But as for the rest? 

If Walsh "doesn't want to tie up long-term money before next year's free-agent class" (which certainly would be understandable) then why are we talking about a "one- or two-year deal" for Sessions?  A two-year deal impacts next year's free agent class.  If 2010 free agency is the issue, then five years or two years doesn't matter.

But the real problem is that restricted free agents ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SIGN ONE YEAR OFFER SHEETS!  There is no one year deal for Ramon Sessions in New York under CBA rules. It is not an option.