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Clippers Pre-Season Schedule Announced

There's a slight irony to the fact that the regular season schedule was announced before the pre-season schedule.  I mean, the pre-season comes before the regular season, right?  That's the whole point.  Why would the schedule fo it be available after?

Stultifyingly boring ironic observations aside, the pre-season schedule is below.  Not a lot to write home about there either.  It's a very LA heavy-schedule, which is nice if you want to see any of these games (or if you recall the Clippers' terrible travel issues when they went to Russia three seasons ago).  Six of the eight games will be in Staples Center, with the two others happening in Oakland and in San Antonio.

There's a mini-tournament,the Los Angeles Lakers Preseason Shootout, on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17 and 18.  The Clippers play the Jazz at 4:30 on Saturday, and then face the winner of the game between the Lakers and the Bobcats on Sunday (probably Charlotte, since the Bobcats OWN the Lakers).  And although the Clippers won't leave LA much, they could be in the road unis a couple of times - they're the road team when they play Maccabi Tel Aviv, and they'll be the road team on the 18th if they play the Lakers.

Mark your calendars for October 9th.  That will be the first LA appearance of Blake Griffin in a Clippers' uniform, against the Trailblazers.


10/4/09 Warriors Golden State Oracle Arena 6:00 PM
10/9/09 Trailblazers Clippers STAPLES Center 7:30 PM
10/12/09 Warriors Clippers STAPLES Center 7:30 PM
10/14/09 Spurs San Antonio AT&T Center 5:30 PM
10/17/09 Jazz Clippers STAPLES Center 4:30 PM
10/18/09 Bobcats or
4:30 PM
7:30 PM
10/20/09 Maccabi Tel Aviv Maccabi STAPLES Center 7:30 PM
10/23/09 Hornets Clippers STAPLES Center 7:30 PM