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Greece - Turkey is Underway

I don't think I'll be so much live blogging this game as simply keeping tabs on it.  If you are out there and interested, it's on ESPN360, and you can use this as an open thread.

Yesterday Spain and Serbia advanced to the semi-finals.  As I suspected, France played a flawless first two rounds, only to run into a suddenly motivated Espana.  You need look no further than the two NBA All Stars to know the outcome of the game.  Les Bleues couldn't do anything to stop Pau Gasol, who went 11 for 13 and scored 28 points.  Meanwhile, Tony Parker was 1 for 6.  Maybe this guy Rubio is going to be a decent defender in the NBA after all.

Continuing our geo-political memes, Slovenia versus Croatia is a matchup of former countrymen with a very interesting semi-final opponent waiting.  Slovenia and Croatia each declared independence from Serbia in 1991, precipitating a decade of war in the Balkans.  Whoever wins this game faces Serbia tomorrow.

As for Greece-Turkey, winner gets all of Cyprus.