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Trying to Plan a Clips Nation Viewing Party

Citizen fallen's FanPost about Clipper fan meet ups got me thinking.

A couple seasons ago, we did a Clips Nation viewing party at Yankee Doodles in Long Beach.  That was fun, despite the fact that it was at the end of a dismal season.  Then last season, we talked about having another one, but basically another dreadful season made us lose our enthusiasm for it.

I'd like to plan a few for this season, and try to have the first one relatively early.  Unfortunately, there are no good options on the schedule early in the season.  It doesn't make sense to do a home game, as many of the people who read Clips Nation are season ticket holders, or at least attend games freqently.  Friday Oct. 30th is the first true road game, in Utah, and that might be a good choice.  It's got a decent tip off time for the West Coast at 6 PM.  Unfortunately, the Lakers also play that night, at 7:30, so unless we've got a room to ourselves at a location, we're going to get inundated by Laker fans.  Likewise, the game in Oakland versus the Warriors on Nov. 6 is up against a Lakers game.

And then, through some weird scheduling fluke, the Clippers don't play another west coast team on the road until Dec. 30th in Portland - they have 10 consecutive road games against teams in the Eastern and Central time zones.  I just don't see trying to get everyone together to watch a game that's tipping off at 4 or 5 PM. 

Thursday, Jan. 21 in Denver is an interesting candidate for a viewing party.  It's a Thursday night, so sports bars won't be packed like on a Friday, and there won't be a lot going on in other sports.  It's a TNT game, so there won't even be any other NBA games at the same time.  Only one problem - the lead-in game is Lakers-Cavs, so wherever we go will be packed with Laker fans when we get there. 

So, I definitely think we should do something this season, and I'm open to ideas.  Any suggestions?  Are you guys up for Oct. 30 or Nov. 6, despite the Laker games?