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Media Day Schmedia Day

I thought this was supposed to be some sort of celebration of the Media.  I mean, Veteran's Day is all about honoring Veteran's.  Seems like Media Day should be about honoring the media.  But no.  As an insider, I can now tell you that Media Day is just a big schmooze fest where the players take a bunch of pictures and maybe answer a few questions.  Big whoop. 

But seriously folks, unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to post about it, but that's OK because it's not like there were any earth-shattering revelations.  A few things that seem semi-significant off the top of my head:

  • On the whole "What kind of physical shape is Baron in?" question, he looks great.  Much trimmer than last season - I mean, a big difference.  Coach said he's 10 pounds lighter. 
  • I have the scoop on the starters:  Baron, Gordon, Thornton, Camby and Kaman are DEFINITELY going to be the starters - tomorrow on the first day of training camp.  After that, who knows?  Of course it's all well and good for MDsr to say that a month before the season starts, but I guarantee you that Blake Griffin will be the starting power forward for the first game.
  • Chris Kaman is an odd-ball, but I must say he is refreshing.  Every other Clipper was in full-on Crash Davis 'interview' mode - answering questions safely, without revealing much of anything.  Kaman just doesn't work that way.  He says what he's thinking, and doesn't really consider how it sounds.  Example:  when asked about minutes distribution at the big spots, almost anyone else would talk about how it's not a problem, how there will be plenty of minutes for everyone, how he's not worried.  Kaman said, "Yeah, it's a big problem, I don't know how coach is going to handle it." 

Keep an eye on the Clippers' YouTube channel; so far, I only see the Blake Griffin interviews up, but I assume others will be posted soon.

I'm off to soccer practice - more later.