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A Quick Observation Following the Blake Griffin Media Availability - Jan. 14

The Clippers made Blake Griffin available to the media today, the morning after it was revealed that he would have surgery and consequently miss the entirety of his rookie season.  I'm not going to transcribe everything he said.  Dena was there with her video recorder, so I'm sure it will be available on the Clippers web site soon enough.

For now, I'll just repeat what we've said before - this is one together kid.  Still two months shy of his 21st birthday, he's dealing with the reality that his rookie season in the NBA is over before it began, and his demeanor is just as calm and frankly positive as ever.  He's certainly saying all the right things.  "It's better to take care of it now....  Injuries happen....  Hopefully I can speed up the recovery process as much as possible."

He's said over and over again during the last few months, and several more times today, that this experience is teaching him patience.  Well, here's hoping that he's impatient to tear the league up when he returns next season.