Telfair Out 4 to 6 Weeks


Here's the contents of the press release: Los Angeles Clippers guard Sebastian Telfair suffered a right groin strain and torn right adductor longus tendon in the Clippers victory over Chicago on Jan. 20. The diagnosis was confirmed when Telfair was examined by a specialist, Dr. Craig Smith, in Los Angeles earlier today. Telfair is expected to miss a minimum of four to six weeks. It's not like he's the most vital player on the roster, but he definitely had an important role. After so many years of terrible point guard play from the Clippers, it was nice to have a competent, if imperfect guy coming off the bench. This makes the JamesOn Curry both more clear and less clear at the same time. Knowing that Telfair is gone for an extended period of time, you certainly need guard help. But Curry is not a true point guard by any stretch. What you want from this spot is a steady hand to run the team - that's not JamesOn Curry. So again I'll say it.... Shaun Livingston, anyone?

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