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Just Noticed - Kris Humphries Has a Tiny Head

First of all, this post will make more sense if you're on the front page of Clips Nation.  If you linked directly to the post, click on the logo in the upper left corner to get to the front page.  Or if all of these posts have already been pushed off the front page over time, you may have to click here and here to see the other pictures I'm talking about.

I happened to choose Kris Humphries photos for my Clippers-Nets posts because he scored a career high.  But look at the picture here from when Humphries was with the Mavs.  Now scroll down and look at the pictures with the last two posts. Do it now.  I'll wait.

Kris Humphries has a tiny head!  I mean, freakishly small.  Obviously, his massive biceps and the fact that his arms are raised in each photo are contributing to the illusion.  But his head is so tiny - it looks like it's been Photoshopped!  It's like the scene at the end of Beetlejuice where the witch doctor shrinks Micheal Keaton's head or the one in Men in Black where Tommy Lee Jones blows off Tony Shalhoub's head and it grows back.  Is Kris Humphries really an alien?