"Had we played with the freedom and the mentality".....

A qoute from Baron Davis yesterday after the 2 embarassing losses against the Net and the Wolves, suggests that the old philosophical differences in approaching the game between him and MDsr (or perhaps the entire coaching staff?) is again surfacing. Both have proven their points. MDsr, with wins over the Celtics and the Lakers and very competitive game vs the Cavs; Baron with his flashes of briliancy when not micromanaged and given the freedom to create as he displayed in the game against the Wolves scoring more than 20points in 1 quarter! A feat that is unbelievable and that he is capable of duplicating when he is inspired and motivated. I looked at these two personalities and I see The Manager (MDsr) and The Artist (BD). The Manager wants to be effecient, controlling his resources-manpower, space, time and money. The artist wants the freedom- to express his talents and himself as he finds his inspiration and motivation. The Manager wants control, the Artist wants liberty. The Manager wants results by controlling his resources; the Artist wants expression (on his own). It is a hard task (almost impossible) to blend these two personalities. I am a manager myself, and I can relate to MDsr. I am also an artist and I can relate to BD. I don't think one can change the other. If the Clippers' intention is to retain BD (and I strongly think they should!), they should look for a coach that would allow BD to display his "art". I see everybody benefiting - the fans, the players, the attendance and the NBA.

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