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Clippers vs. Denver - Pre-season Open Thread

If the Clippers were playing the Lakers today in the second game of the Staples Shootout, then we'd at least get to watch the game on NBA-TV. As it is, it's a rematch against the Nuggets, who beat the Clippers Thursday by 5, and we're limited to radio. Oh well.

Although pre-season doesn't really matter, it would be nice to play better. As it is, we're sort of getting the worst of both worlds. The youngsters are getting little to no burn (Marqus Blakely hasn't made an appearance in three games) and the starters aren't able to actually close out wins.

The first order of business is cutting down on the turnovers and defensive rebounding. The pre-season opponents are getting significantly more possessions and shots than the Clippers and that's difficult to overcome.