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Clips Nation Night - Getting Serious Now


[Note by Steve Perrin, 10/20/10 2:31 PM PDT ] Sorry about the confusion with the questionnaire link. I haven't used Google Docs enough I guess, and while I thought I was linking to the form, it turns out I was linking to the spreadsheet, which caused multi-user problems. Mad props to Citizen vobre for figuring it out and getting a good link for everyone. I've tried embedding the form directly into this post, and also fixing the link. Hopefully I didn't mess that process up. Let me know if I did. And if you haven't yet entered your info, please do.

Opening Night versus the Trailblazers is next Wednesday, and of course that means that Clips Nation Night at Staples Center is just around the corner. If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, there's still time. The password on the ticketing link is clippers.

Check-in for the big night will begin at 5:30pm in front of the VIP Star Plaza entry. The Clippers will have a table set-up where people will check-in. At the table you will receive a wristband that will give you access to the pregame reception and postgame court time. The pregame reception will be held in the Wachovia B & C room on the suite level, with cash bar. We will have the room until 7:00pm. Try to be there right at 5:30, as it will take a while to get everyone checked in and up to the Wachovia room, and we'll want to have as much time as possible.

Then once the game ends, we'll all meet at the Fan Experience table, located at the 11th Street Entrance just outside section 114. Here they will check for wristbands and then bring people down to the court. We will have the court for one hour once we get down there.

A few additional notes:

  • If you can't make it to the pregame reception, but purchased tickets through the link and you still want to be part of the post game fun, then go to the Fan Experience table outside section 114 after the game ends. You can get your wristband then.
  • You must wear athletic shoes to go on the court, and you are not allowed to wear basketball shoes with black bottoms.
  • They will have name tags at the check-in table for people to write their Clips Nation / real name so people can identify who is who.
  • If you are planning on playing, please bring two T-shirts - one white and one dark. That way we can maybe tell who's on who's team without any 'shirts vs. skins' awkwardness.

Finally, in order to get a head start on devising teams, please fill out this questionnairee if you are planning to play ball that night.

If I can put teams together in advance, then we won't have to spend too much of our precious time that night. The form asks a few questions about the level of basketball you play - this is just so I can try to make the teams reasonably even, so we don't wind up with all the 20 something ballers on the same side. My best guess based on earlier informal head counts is that we'll have four teams, and play two half court games, followed by a full court 'Championship Game' between the winners.