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Clips Nation Night - Final Preparations Under Way


It's only a few more hours now before the Clippers kick off their season, and of course that also means it's almost time for Clips Nation Night at Staples Center. Here are some last second reminders for everyone who is attending.

  • Check in at 5:30 at the 11th Street entrance. IMPORTANT: This is a change from what we said before. We will be checking in at the 11th Street entrance, not Star Plaza. This is where you will get your wristband that will get you into the pre-game reception and onto the court after the game.
  • Just to make sure that everyone's expectations are properly set, we now have 80 people signed up to play, and we only have an hour of court time. So be aware that game times will be short, and your playing time will be shorter still. I'm putting together 8 rosters of 10 players each. Please be nice and share the court and make sure everyone gets a chance to play. Remember, we're doing this so that everyone can have fun. And no complaining about roster creation either. You get what you get.
  • The pregame reception will be held in the Wachovia B & C room on the suite level, with cash bar. We will have the room until 7:00pm. Try to be there at Staples right at 5:30, as it will take a while to get everyone checked in and up to the Wachovia room, and we'll want to have as much time as possible.
  • Once the game ends, we'll all meet at the Fan Experience table, located at the 11th Street Entrance just outside section 114. Here they will check for wristbands and then bring people down to the court. We will have the court for one hour once we get down there.
  • If you can't make it to the pregame reception, but purchased tickets through the link and you still want to be part of the post game fun, then go to the Fan Experience table outside section 114 after the game ends. You can get your wristband then.
  • You must wear athletic shoes to go on the court, and you are not allowed to wear basketball shoes with black bottoms.
  • They will have name tags at the check-in table for people to write their Clips Nation / real name so people can identify who is who.
  • Last time I asked you to bring two T-Shirts, one dark and one light, so that we could wear one or the other and be able to identify teammates during games. But since they're giving away T-shirts tonight, there's no reason to bother with the light one. So try to wear something dark you can play in, and then we can use the T-shirts to designate one team also. Make sense?