Will Blake Griffin lead NBA Clippers in scoring and be Rookie of the Year?


I'm not much of an 'odds' guy, and certainly not a betting man. However, the guys that set the odds have to know their stuff pretty well, because it costs them money if they get it wrong. Having said that, this post with several odds concerning Blake's rookie season is interesting. If I were a betting man: - I'd take the over on games played (it seems strangely low at 59.5), - I'd put money on him NOT making the All Star team (no knock on Blake, but the oddsmakers in this case seem to be forgetting that the first criteria is always team record, so giving him a 50-50 chance to make the All Star team is actually pretty crazy). Those are the two bets that jump out at me. I also think it's interesting that they seem to think that the Clippers have a decent enough chance (2-1 bet) to make the playoffs. Surprising.

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