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Okay, let's take a breath here.

As one commenter said so eloquently, "I've never been so excited following a game thread."  

What do we know now, at halftime of a meaningless preseason game?  I think we can safely say the Blake Griffin has been eager to play basketball, and he's good at it.  

Griffin's path to this point in time--halftime of a preseason game against a mediocre to poor opponent, but one with a highly touted rookie big man in Cousins, and a troublesome, energetic undersized PF in Carl Landry, along with Jason Thompson, another young big--is just so interesting.  Freshman year at Oklahoma, decides to come back for sophomore year.  Complete domination in sophomore year, number one pick in the draft by your Los Angeles Clippers.  Great preseason, with some lingering knee issues, going into rookie campaign, knee fractures in the last preseason game, sits out entire season.  But he has a chance to travel with the team, see the schedule, how it works, working on all sorts of things himself, but unable to get on the court.  Healthy all summer, preparing to play.  Early foul trouble in preseason opener in front of rabid Portland fans, disappointing effort against team missing three centers, but with LAldridge intact.  And then we get tonight's first half.

Does anybody think that Blake Griffin was eager to get a good run out on the court, to have a chance to do his thing?

My regret is that I haven't gotten it together to hear Ralph's description of the game, and the Milph combo.  Whenever good things happen for the Clippers I'm happy for Ralph, and this seems to have been a very good night.  And radio is probably even more fun.

Unleash the Beast! 

Or rather, go ahead and sit the Beast.  Nothing more to prove here.  The next step is to see what happens when Baron Davis plays with these guys.  Against the Warriors?  Down in Mexico?

No way the 2nd half can be as exciting as the first.  But let's enjoy the good times.