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Clippers at Golden State - Pre-season Open Thread

After last night's showing in Sacramento, I'm about ready to change the new Clips Nation tag line to read "The second best basketball team in California!"  The Warriors may have something to say about that.

Golden State is going to be an interesting team to watch this season.  New coach in Keith Smart, which could be great or could be terrible.  I mean, was Don Nelson overachieving or underachieving with all of his shenanigans?  They lost a lot of games, but they were always dangerous.

Stephen Curry is a stud, Monta Ellis can score with anyone, new comer David Lee is a stat machine, and Andris Biedrins used to be a promising center. 

But tonight they have to deal with Blake Superior (that's right, it's back).

Second game of pre-season back to backs, who knows who'll play for the Clippers.  Perhaps we'll get a Baron Davis sighting tonight.