Simmons revises Preseason Prediction - Predicted: 42 wins (9th) Revised Prediction: 19 wins


The good news: Unlike other dreadful Clips seasons (and this will be one of them), at least they have a foundation for something: Griffin (a future franchise player), Eric Gordon (invigorated by his Team USA experience), Eric Bledsoe (a post-lottery steal) and Al-Farouq Aminu (Luol Deng 2.0) are four under-22 keepers. The bad news: We didn't even get to Thanksgiving before the Clipper Skunk sprayed Blake. Within 10 days, he had that same glazed hostage-video look on his face that Clips fans have been seeing for 30 years. I knew this could be bad, and I'd been warned by everybody, but still, I didn't know it would be THIS bad.