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Off to the Mountains

I'm leaving early Sunday morning for a family vacation in the mountains. I won't have internet access or even TV where I'm going, so I won't be around here for a few days. However, you will be hearing from me in the form of game previews which I've already written - the information may be a little stale, and any breaking news obviously won't be in there, but they're pretty good previews assuming there aren't any major developments over the next four days. I'll be missing the Phoenix, Sacramento and Utah games.

In my absence, Citizen Zhiv will be keeping an eye on the place. But of course it's business as usual for comments and FanPosts and FanShots. It's all of you in the community that make this such an interesting place, so you won't even miss me. I'll be back around for the Atlanta game next Sunday.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday. See you in a week.