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Four Out of Five: Clips beat the Suns

Okay, so the second half and the 4th quarter looked quite... Clipper. But still. All the highlights one could ask for in the first quarter, followed by a fair amount of steady play, along with contributions from just enough other guys to put the Clips in a position to win. Yes, to hold on and win. It's hard to call any part of a victory in a sub-.300 season a "disturbing trend," but the Clips have shown the potential to give back games that they have well in hand. It almost happened against the Bulls and the same equation started to operate here for the Suns.

Let's focus on the positive, and a team that has been playing well for awhile now and seems to be clearly on the upswing, making some progress in a sweet spot in the schedule (unlike earlier in the season). And the Clippers remain extremely fun to watch. There's that Griffin guy, who everybody is watching, and that Gordon guy, who Clipper fans all know about.

SP is on the road this week, so I'm going to try to fill in with some mediocre recaps and meditations. Just got back from a sojourn myself, so I'm still catching up. In my first viewing of this game I had half an hour. After seeing a great first quarter, I couldn't help jumping ahead. I haven't even read SP's preview. But the Clips won against the Suns, and I'm sure SP mentioned how that hasn't happened in quite a while. They protected the home court. They played well. More later. You guys know more than I do at this point, so let me know what you like and dislike, and I'll try to catch up before the Sacramento game tomorrow.