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Clippers - Lakers - Bizarre Stat of the Game

Just have to put this out there before I go to bed...

Going into the game against the Lakers, Al-Farouq Aminu had recorded 11 assists as a pro. That's 11 assists in over 400 minutes of NBA basketball, a per 36 minute rate of almost exactly 1. His career high for a game was 3.

In the third quarter of the Clippers-Lakers game, Aminu had 5 assists. That was in 11 minutes of court time. That is a rate of over 16 assists per 36 minutes.

At least one of them was nothing special - a kick out pass to Eric Gordon for a three pointer, big deal. But the others all led to layups or dunks, and were remarkable for the very fact that we haven't seen Aminu do this. He was creating off the dribble, then delivering timely passes.

It was certainly an anomaly - he's not going to suddenly average 16 assists per 36. But it showed us a lot more playmaking ability than we've seen from the kid up to this point. He continues to impress, and continues to be a much more developed all around player than anyone suspected. He has plenty of work to do, but he's got all of the tools, and a very high ceiling.