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Stop With the Isiah Stuff Already


Although Jeff Goodman from reported that the Clippers are interested in Isiah Thomas for the coach and GM position, it's not true.

The Clippers don't always act like the brightest group, but neither are they that stupid.

Finding themselves backed into a bit of a corner with Dunleavy being both coach and GM the last couple of seasons, there's no way that they're going to look for someone to fill a dual role again, as the report suggests.  No.  Way.

When I asked a Clippers exec about the report, I got the same reaction that Ramona Shelburne tweeted earlier.  There is no truth to this rumor.  If you see it on HoopsHype, hear it on the radio, so it on a blog... it's all the same rumor, it started with one report, the "source close to the situation" is probably someone in Isiah's camp, and it simply is not true.

Moving on.