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Orlando 113 - Clippers 87 - Oh Yeah, and Dunleavy is Out

Ostensibly, this is a game recap of an NBA game that occurred in Orlando Florida earlier this evening.  In that game, and I use the term loosely as it implies a degree of competitiveness and uncertainty of outcome that certainly did not exist in this particular case, the Orlando Magic defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 113 to 87.  The Magic led by 26 at halftime, and won the game by 26.  The lead was never less than 20 in the second half.  The Clippers were completely and totally outplayed in the game.  Some games you can say they looked flat, some games you can say they missed open shots, and you can pretend that they would have had a chance under different circumstances.  This game, they simply got beaten by a far superior team.  Orlando's defense contested every shot, Orlando's offense got whatever they wanted.  It was a total mismatch.

Not much more to say about that.  We can move on to more interesting topics.

Last thing - here's a trivia question.  What's the NBA record for most minutes sitting at the end of a game after not exiting previously?  OK, that's pretty inelegantly worded, and it's a strange thing at any rate, but Dwight Howard tonight played the entirety of the first 32 minutes and 17 seconds, and then sat the final 15 minutes and 43 seconds.  It was completely binary - he was in the game, and then he was out of the game.  Barring injury, you wonder how many times a guy has done anything like that.  He didn't get a rest as they were building a 30 point lead, and then he took the balance of the night off.

Of course, you can do that when you're playing the Clippers.