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More Dunleavy Reactions Around the Web

There's not really any new information in any of this, but here are a few more links for you.

Bill Plaschke writes in his column about the endless possibilities that this move presents to the Clippers.  I must say, it seems far too optimistic to assume that 26 years of futility are now behind them because a guy who's been around for seven of those years, who happened to lead them to their best record in those 26 years, has been fired.  "If Clippers fans look up today, they can see the limit to this team's possibilities.  It's called, rather improbably, the sky." 

Tom Ziller of FanHouse offers the counterpoint - Donald Sterling is still the owner, as well as the common thread in the 26 years of being a laughingstock.  It's one thing to make a serious offer to a big time coach or GM (though of course it remains to be seen if that even happens) - but if the guy has option, would he actually choose to work for Donald Sterling?  This argument of course applies to LeBron James as well, but I think it has much more bearing on the discussion of coach and general manager.  LeBron generates his own atmosphere - but the coach and GM are much more vulnerable to the whims of the owner.

Lisa Dillman fleshed out the story that she posted on the blog last night with a few more details, though nothing we hadn't heard before.  She does give us this quote from an Andy Roeser eMail to the Times: "With all due respect to Mike, we arrived at the realization that we weren't going to be able to move forward together in the long term, and we felt that, in order to give us the most flexibility as we approach this opportunity-filled off-season, making a clean break was our best option at this time."  That's actually a pet peeve of mine - when someone starts a sentence "With a due respect..." and then proceeds to say something entirely disrespectful.  People do it with "No offense..." also.  "No offense, but you're the most vile human I've ever met."  "None taken."

Ramona Shelburne also added some Dunleavy information to her latest post at ESPNLA.