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Fun Fact From Clippers-Warriors

Of the eight players who appeared for the Warriors in last night's debacle game, only two of them were first round draft picks, with a third coming in the second round, meaning that five of them were undrafted out of college.  Three of them began this season in the D-League.  Their leading scorer last night, Reggie Williams, is so obscure that neither nor have his college listed.  By the way, he went to VMI, where he led the nation in scoring twice.  (That would have been good information to know going into the game, I guess.)

Of the 240 total minutes available in the game, more than 147 minutes were played by undrafted players - that's over 61% of the available minutes.  In other words, the Clippers lost, at home, by 18, to a team made up primarily of undrafted players.  This is not a stat that is easy to look up, but I feel fairly confident in saying that this has to be quite a unique, if ignominious, accomplishment.

If you take Corey Maggette and Ronny Turiaf out of the game, you literally have a team that could have appeared in the Las Vegas summer league this summer - and no one would have much noticed them.  Oh, by the way, Maggette and Turiaf were both on the bench for the first five minutes of the second quarter, during which time the Warriors summer leaguers outscored the Clippers by 12.

The Clippers' ability to lose to bad teams playing without significant players has been uncanny this season.  Facing Boston without Paul Pierce, Portland without LaMarcus Aldridge and Houston without Kevin Martin they managed to win - though in the case of those last two wins, the Blazers and Rockets were missing a lot more than just Martin and Aldridge.  Those games were against teams with winning records.  Facing losing teams missing key players is a different story.  A cursory glance through the schedule shows the Clippers have losses against New Orleans without Chris Paul (twice), Golden State without Monta Ellis (twice), Sacramento without Tyreke Evans and New Jersey without Brook Lopez Devin Harris (no one caught me on this one).  Impressive.