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Clips Nation Night!


Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lot left to root for in this Clipper's season.  But we do have one thing to look forward to:


Clips Nation Night is almost here!  We've already sold more than 50 tickets, so there are no more spots left in the fan tunnel for high-fiving the team before the game.  But there are plenty of tickets available in general, and I'm told that the TicketMaster glitch with prices on the $100 tickets have been worked out, so there's still plenty of time and plenty of reasons to get your tickets.

And if you're worried that the Clippers won't play well that night, let me just remind you.  The first meeting with the Warriors this season, we had a Clips Nation get together in Long Beach at The Beach Club.  The result?  A 28 point Clipper win.  The next two Warriors games, without any Clips Nation party, embarrassing losses.  Coincidence?  Yeah, probably, I mean, what else could it be?  But you should come anyway.

Just to remind you of everything that will be happening that night:

First things first, if you haven't purchased ticket yet you can use this link to do so online directly through Ticketmaster - use code 'clippers'.  There are three price levels, all with pretty nice discounts of at least 50%:

  • $35 for loge 100 ends (regularly $75),
  • $34 for the 200 level (regularly $68), and
  • $20 for the Upper Center (regularly $45). 

What's especially nice about doing this as a group purchase is that there are no fees. 

For season ticket holders who want to attend, just email with your season ticket holder information in order to get access to the event.  Your names will be placed on the list at the check-in table.

On April 10th, everything starts at 5:00 PM.  Show up and check-in at the 11th Street Entrance to Staples Star Plaza and tell them that you're there for Clips Nation night. 

We have a private reception room reserved prior to the game.  There will be a cash bar, raffles for prizes, and of course a chance meet and chat with your fellow citizens of Clips Nation - face to face like real people. 

The Clippers have informed me of the items they are going to make available for the raffle:

  • Replica Blake Griffin jersey
  • 2 sets of Courtside upgrades for the game
  • Clippers t-shirt
  • Clippers Jersey Bag
  • Blake Griffin figurine

Courtside seats would be COOL!

In addition to meeting your fellow citizens, there will be an appearance by members of the Clipper Spirit before the game. 

I've also spoken to some other folks who you might be interested in meeting about being there:  people like Dain Blanton and Lisa Dillman.  They have told me that they'll make every effort to make time during their pre-game activities that day to stop by.  No guarantees, but hopefully they'll get a chance to say hi at least.

So, if you've waited this long, please don't wait any longer.  Go buy those tickets RIGHT NOW because I want to meet all of you.